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The Artist's Journey: Thoughts & Happenings of an Emerging Illustrator

Welcome to my Creative World!

Hello friends. My name is Dani Congdon (of Dandelion Creative). Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing some of the madness within my brain as well as current events involving my work

I love a good story. I always have. When I was little, I used to write loads of stories; fantastical tall tales filled with magic and wonder. When I was a little older, my sisters and I would enact visual stories in the form of short films in front of our parents’ old camcorder. Now, as an illustrator, I paint them in vivid color.

I think the reason that I fancy stories so much is that everyone and everything has them. We are each made up of a complex collection of such tales. But like stories in the pages of a book, they are hidden beneath the cover. Only when you take the time to look deeper at which stories are held within, do you walk away with a better understanding of what the book is about. People are a lot like that, and stories help us to understand each other better.

My interest lies in exploring these stories. I am especially fascinated by stories of the human condition and impact. As creatures, we have an incredible impact. We impact the planet with what we create and how we interact with it. We impact others by how we interact with them. We impact ourselves by the way we interact with our own bodies and mind.

There is a duality at play in much of my work. Like the stories concealed under the hard covers of books or the blank space between the lines of text, there is always more to the story. I play with this duality by exploring the juxtaposition of mood and narrative in my work, often injecting an element of fantasy or magic. I believe in everyday magic, meaning that glimpses of magic exist even in the mundane. As humans we are capable of incredible magic. It’s up to us how we choose to use it.

What to Expect

I'm pretty new to sharing my thoughts and processes in this manner so please bear with me as I try to bring myself into the modern day. I am new to the business side of being an artist. In fact, I am just about to emerge from the cocoon of graduate art school as a fully developed illustrator. I have submitted my final thesis and will attend my final classes this week. What now? Well that's what I am trying to figure out and what I want to share. I plan to use this blog to document my work and process as I progress towards making a living from my work. I also will update with news and events concerning my work.

A Girl and Her Dream

It all started with a dream of changing the world with art (and a willingness to go deeply into debt to achieve this dream). As I am about to begin my journey as a professional artist, I want to document my failures and successes as a means to recognize my own progress as well as provide a realistic portrayal of life after art school. Check back for updates and further insight into all aspects of my art practice.

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